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Like reading? Want to help people affected by cancer? Then why not become a book reviewer. You will help our cancer information centres and public libraries select the most useful cancer books in order to help others affected by cancer choose what to read, and what to avoid. You can volunteer in your own home, pick which books you would like to review, and you will have up to two months to review each book. Please download the attached role description for further information, and use the apply button if this sounds like the role for you.

You need to be 18 years old or over to apply for this opportunity.

You need to have experience of cancer to apply for this opportunity.

What we're looking for

  • People affected by cancer (inc patients, carer, family member or friend)
  • People who enjoy reading
  • A desire to help us improve our cancer information
  • Enthusiasm for volunteering with Macmillan

What you can gain from this opportunity

  • Share your cancer experience
  • Help improve the quality of books available in our cancer information centres
  • Improve the lives of those affected by cancer
  • Become part of the Macmillan volunteering community
Download role description

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